What our customers say!

Good products and good service, very professional.

We enjoy working with Stateside as they offer a good quality product at a competitive price and we have a friendly and professional relationship.

Most of today women had and daydream about skates like these ones when they were little girls. Now, they have an opportunity to pass it on their own little girls and show them how it was. Combination of comfort, classic retro style and modern trends is just what every stylish lady wants – a pair of her favourite shoes and sneakers in one. It’s such an amazing ride!

Stateside Skates was our very first supplier that we used to buy skates, and it didn’t take long to understand that they were special people.

Current, precise and punctual.

On a couple of occasions we happened to make very urgent requests and they gave us great service sending the products at very short notice.

We are happy to say that this partnership is definitely the best that a new shop could hope to have.

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